GRHS’s Metamorphoses


Performing for a packed theater, GRHS’s drama company, under the direction of Mrs. McKinley, impressed with their production of Metamorphoses.

by Sara LoPiccolo, School Events Editor

The lights dim and there’s complete silence throughout the auditorium. A single spotlight shines on stage, illuminating the few actors.

On opening night of Metamorphoses, Mandy Rosengren and Stephanie Gosselin created the atmosphere of a fairytale and, since there are almost 15 in the entire show, it was the perfect milieu for the show. Some tales end in grief and tears (and very few have a happy ending filled with hope) but all leave an impact.

The play was originally written by Mary Zimmerman. Beautifully directed by Mrs. McKinley and student director Ava Deutch, the show had everyone  engrossed. Themes of love, longing, and misperception were portrayed almost flawlessly.

The students took their roles very seriously. There was barely a fault in the show, which is fantastic for opening night. One of the laundress’, Gabrielle Piela, said, “It was definitely one of my favorite theatre company productions. The cast was so close and the show came out great!”

Fellow actress, Abigail Koenig said, “It’s a beautiful modern take on ancient Greek and Roman myths.”

The play is a compilation of Greek myths. Some seem too impossible to believe, but throughout the performance one realizes how true it is to some people today, maybe even yourself.

The play starts off showing Midas and his daughter. Midas is a greedy man and asks to have a magical ability: everything he touches turns to gold. He thinks it’s great, but then his daughter is changed to solid gold. After a series of myths and legends, Midas reaches the ends of the earth and learns that his greatest power is being a father to his daughter.

Such a parable serves as a strong reminder of the enduring nature of human spirit throughout time.