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Students see My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center

All of the students take a picture outside the theatre before the show.  Students were from the Modern Drama class, advanced Theatre Arts classes, or the Theatre Company executive board.

by Abby Stern, Staff Writer

March 6, 2019

Students were bused into New York City to see the Broadway production of My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, February 13.  The students were from the advanced Theatre Arts classes as well as the Modern Drama class. The trip was organized and chaperoned by the teacher of these classes, Julie...

The Geese of Glen Rock High

Cosmic Goose Robotics constructed their robot from a TETRIX robotics kits. These kits are a staple for FTC teams across the country.

by Caroline Geoghegan, Managing Editor

February 22, 2019

“Ladies, Gentlemen, Geese,” a gruff voice cuts off the clamoring of students, all scurrying around the pre-engineering room of Glen Rock High School, long after classes ended for the day. The projects they are working on are not a part of any curriculum, but that does not stop the students from spen...

Students impress audience at Coffeehouse forty five

Coffeehouse emcees Rachel Goldberg, Cat Merkle, and Caroline Geoghegan introduce the next act. These three senior hosts also serve as editors-in-chief for Mobius.

by Abby Stern, Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

Students showcased their artistic talents last Thursday, December 6 at the first Coffeehouse of the school year.  Coffeehouse is a biannual performance where students share their original poetry, prose, and music, as well as performing covers of songs.   Students from each of the four grades perfor...

All high school students should take option

All high school students should take option to balance their day and learn how to manage their workload.

by Andrew Kastelman, Staff Writer

October 12, 2018

The Glen Rock High School Guidance Department describes the option course as “essential in helping students develop time management skills and providing access to teachers, guidance counselors... [and other resources]”. The course is applied as a class, so during the one period students can use the...

Math department welcomes new teacher

New Math Department hire, Min Joo Park poses for her picture.

by Ryan Hornish, Staff Writer

October 3, 2017

A new teacher has joined the math department this year to teach math and computer science classes. Min Joo Park has eight years of teaching experience. This year she is teaching ninth and tenth grades. Park has an extensive college background. She attended NYU for her undergraduate degree and received ...

Press power to restart our computers

Students flock to the media center during open periods to complete assignments and homework, but the media center isn't always open to all students.  What improvements can be made to the technology at Glen Rock High School?

by Courtney Schmitt, Staff Writer

April 4, 2014

6:30 am. Somewhere deep in sleep, a distant beeping noise can be heard. The subconscious brushes it off, forcing it to make sense logically in the context of what the mind’s perceives as reality. The sound grows louder and louder until the conscious mind slowly emerges, refreshed, awakened – ...

Pilsener Haus Biergarten: A Restaurant Critique

Pilsener Haus Biergarten: A Restaurant Critique

by Raquel Lesser, Food Critic

September 28, 2012

Are you looking for an escape, a place full of pretzels and spatzle? In other words, are you thinking of taking a vacation to Germany? Don’t start packing your bags quite yet because I found the place right for you, at Pilsener Haus Biergarten right in Hoboken.  Start off with a nice, warm, and soft...


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