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One table at the culture walkaround featured GRHSs Black Student Union of GRHS, and they supplied a variety of food and information.

World Cultures Week Retrospective

by Del Geraghty, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

This year’s world culture week kicked off with a bang, quite literally, thanks to the amazing professionals from Taikoza who graciously visited our school for a Japanese drum (taiko) performance on Monday....

Passing The Torch: The 2022-23 Wrestling Season

by Neil Sahu, News Editor March 1, 2023

After a rough season, The Glen Rock Wrestling Team has come back stronger. After going 5-11 last year, the team has managed to turn it around with a solid 14-8 record. This year, there is more foundation...

The Race to Get Into College: The Impact of Affirmative Action

by Neil Sahu, News Editor January 25, 2023

Picture this: You are at your computer, filling out questionnaires from different colleges. You worked very hard throughout your years in high school, and you did all you could to get into a good college...

Most Important News of 2022

by Neil Sahu, News Editor December 19, 2022

2022 was no different than previous years in terms of news. This year, a lot of important news has happened in our world, and 2022 has had a lot of interesting news. From topics ranging from this years...

Increasing mortgage rates has affected the inventory of homes available in Glen Rock

by Gianna Vaccari, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

With American inflation higher than it’s been in decades, increasing mortgage rates are being used as a way to help curb this quandary. Increased mortgage rates are a result of inflation, which we hope...

What Takeoff’s Death Means For The Hip-Hop Community as Urban Homicide Rates Rise

by Evelyn McGowan, Staff Writer November 29, 2022

28-year-old American rapper Takeoff was shot dead in Houston, Texas on November 1.  His passing marks yet another tragic, prominent loss in pop culture to gun violence and brutality.     Homicide...

Winter Ball Possibility: Pros, Cons, and RSVP

by Mia Vergel de Dios, Staff Writer November 29, 2022

This upcoming winter, Glen Rock High School’s student council is considering hosting the high school’s First Ever Winter Ball. This event would welcome all grades, taking place at a venue that serves...

GRHS’s newly appointed Girl Up President advocates for change.

GRHS’s newly appointed Girl Up President advocates for change.

by Catherine Youn, Staff Writer October 25, 2022

Dozens of students can share personal horror stories that all begin with starting their period in class, only to realize they don't have a pad or tampon on hand. Even in the bathroom, all of us know to...

A Slice of Inflation

A Slice of Inflation

by Neil Sahu, News Editor October 25, 2022

Following a devastating pandemic, businesses have not yet fully recovered and they are still undergoing many issues, such as inflation, which leave businesses suffering with debt and less profit. According...

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