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Living in a Fantasy World

by Spencer LaVine, Staff Writer June 13, 2018

Rise to the Top Jeremy sat intently, eyes glued to the screen. The new year was growing closer, and the rooms of the house echoed with the laughs and conversations of family members. For Jeremy, there...

Cutting the Line is Okay

by Spencer LaVine, Staff Writer June 7, 2018

If you cut the line, you might possibly be an entitled jerk. However, there are many instances in which cutting the line is perfectly okay. For example, the lunch line in Glen Rock High School can...

Why Art Education in High School isnt Necessary

Why Art Education in High School isn’t Necessary

by Spencer LaVine, Staff Writer May 30, 2018

    Art classes. They can be fun, intriguing, boring, even confusing. Arts classes can be described by many adjective but necessary is not one of them. I take no issue with the fact that...

Brendan Ernst, Commissioner, poses for his team photo.

Sophomore boys get Rec’ed

by Spencer LaVine, Staff Writer March 25, 2018

Brendan Ernst was barely a freshman when he created what is arguably the most talked about recreational sports league in the halls of the high school. Ernst, who had played recreation basketball in...

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