Is Cutting the Line Acceptable?

June 7, 2018

Cutting the Line is Okay

If you cut the line, you might possibly be an entitled jerk. However, there are many instances in which cutting the line is perfectly okay.

For example, the lunch line in Glen Rock High School can be long and pointless for one to get in. If I’m just grabbing a sandwich, I am not inconveniencing the people that are waiting to order. This action is one that many people do often, and I don’t believe it should be viewed as a bad thing.

More importantly, I believe that it is acceptable to let people cut in front of you, when possible or convenient. If one has an emergency and you have time on your hands, allow them to move ahead of you. If a person has small children with them, lighten their load and do everyone a favor by allowing them to cut you in line.

Of course if everyone cut the line, then cutting the line itself would become inane.

Everyone is always talking about ‘the real world’, and cutting the line falls right into that category. It is sometimes about putting yourself in the best situation, as well as not allowing anyone else to take advantage of you. However, I agree that cutting the line without asking anyone is not right, because no one likes being intruded upon without so much as a request.


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The Savages of the Cafeteria


If you even slightly know me, you understand that lunch is my favorite time of the day. For some reason, lunch has always stood out to me as the best meal as many of my favorite dishes come from lunch menus: mac and cheese and various sandwiches.

Each period before lunch, my eyes dart back and forth from the clock to my work as I pray for 10:54 to arrive faster. When the clock finally moves that last minute, no one can stand in my way. I race towards the cafeteria and immediately get online. I am usually the first to be there, so I wait expectantly until THEY arrive.


Lunch line cutters are prevalent in several schools throughout the country. At Glen Rock High School, I would consider them the worst. These savages slip through the exit entrance and hop onto the line like they were there the entire time. Next, these animals grab what they want without hesitation and some even have the audacity to ask others online for beverages they will never wait for.

This issue needs to be resolved as it has turned into an all out war in the cafeteria. It is a dog- eat – dog world and us students, who decided on the honorable choice of waiting patiently, are overpowered. Others also, in other words, “have went to the dark side” and have resorted to cutting the lunch line themselves.

A junior (who wishes to remain anonymous) confesses, “Yeah I used to hate the people who [cut the line] but if they’re allowed to do it, it’s annoying that I have to wait for so long.”

People who are entering high school in recent years view this digression and therefore think it’s okay to do. They believe this is the way a responsible high schooler acts, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Without lunch lines in general, there would be no orderly, fair, or fast way to purchase lunch from the school.

If fixed at the root and punishments given to those who are caught cutting, students might listen to the basic rule that we all learned in kindergarten, which is to not cut someone else in line.

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