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In the picture above, sisters Emily and Danielle Pragdat joined by Brianna Fornino, Mahima Ohri and Ariana Dzurenko at Kick- Off taking photos with the one and only Felicia Temple after her heartfelt performance.

Do you Relay?

by Morgan Franz , Staff Writer June 18, 2018

A mother’s journey through pain Cancer. One word that can change someone's life in an instance. It was one hot Memorial Day weekend and the whole neighborhood was out and about with not a care in...

Technology connects people

Technology connects people

by Morgan Franz , Staff Writer June 11, 2018

People are constantly attached to technology. With just a click of a button, you can be anywhere with anyone at anytime. Technology is the main form of communication that allows society to come together....

The chaos behind Glen Rockers

June 11, 2018

It’s that season again: time to wind down on your school work and enjoy the beautiful weather. Once this school year comes to a close, everyone in the neighborhood is out and about. Soon the infamous...

Special Education teacher, Stacie Gallo, sits at the table as she grades her students papers. Before working at Glen Rock High school, she worked at a Child Development Center for seven years.

One injury changed everything

by Morgan Franz , Staff Writer February 14, 2018

As the door to the classroom opens, students step inside as they listen to her. She helps them with the math problems. She is smart, kind, tough and funny. Teacher Stacie Gallo has been working at...

Jenna and Kimberly Campfield, Hazel Boutique owners stop to pose for a picture.

Love for fashion turns into business

by Morgan Franz December 21, 2017

She is driven, hard working and has a passion for fashion. As Kimberly Campfield opens the door to her Ramsey Boutique, many teenagers are eager to step inside. The smell of cupcake-scented candles fills...

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