Technology connects people


by Morgan Franz, Staff Writer

People are constantly attached to technology. With just a click of a button, you can be anywhere with anyone at anytime. Technology is the main form of communication that allows society to come together.

In a way, technology is the key to life. It opens up doors so that the world can communicate with everyone around them. Whether it is sending vibrant pictures or posting on social media, it gets others involved in conversations and staying connected.

With technology you are able to bring your family together by offering easy ways to communicate. Using outlets like skype or snapchat, people are able to talk and be social with others.

We all know when being with friends and family, everyone in the room most definitely have some sort of technology but that technology does not have an effect on the way we socialize. Technology helps connect people due to the many outlets used within technology.

Ways society benefits from technology are news travels fast, help someone’s social life and can help solve problems.

Technology helps solve problems whether it has to do with homework or personal problems. People are able to text, call or post on social media to inform society about what is going on in the world and helps by creating plans to do with friends.

Today’s society should care and be grateful that we have technology because without it we couldn’t have any form of connection with each other or with the world. Unlike years ago when there was no technology available therefore, we should take advantage of the great resources we are provided.  

Next time when you are with a group of people be sure to recognize how technology is being used to help you stay connected to society.