The chaos behind Glen Rockers

It’s that season again: time to wind down on your school work and enjoy the beautiful weather. Once this school year comes to a close, everyone in the neighborhood is out and about.

Soon the infamous Facebook group Glen Rockers is blowing up people’s phones, as parents are quick to comment about different topics, making other people’s business theirs. As a high schooler and resident of Glen Rock, I have seen my fair share of what happens on this page.

We all know that Glen Rock is a small town. Therefore, everyone living here knows everything. For those parents who have nothing better to do, they simply sit down and hide their face behind a computer screen making comments to others about how things should work or fighting about what goes on in our town.

Like the foxes roaming around town, some of the community thinks they can control it however, it’s just nature. Glen Rock cannot control the amount of animal life that comes from the county park in town.

Most of the people who are commenting are just annoyed at all the chaos that goes on instead of promoting things that can benefit the community.  

Although Glen Rockers can be a bad thing, it is also a good thing. Glen Rockers is a good source for the neighborhood to find out important events anywhere from council meetings to a babysitter, even a lost pet.

Our community should care because what is said on this page reflects us as a community.

Some steps that can help this issue improve are: one, people who no longer live here should be removed from the group. Two, no opinion posts for anything that goes on. Three, no arguing! If it does not apply to you, then stay out of it. Four, if you do not have a child who attends Glen Rock High School do not cause commotion in the chat.   

Next time you see a notification pop-up on your screen from Glen Rockers, although it may be funny, it can potentially be something that someone said just to start drama.