Start of new “Bachelor” season captivates students

Andrew and Justin will be recapping various moments throughout “The Bachelor” season. This article highlights the first two episodes and students’ initial thoughts to the start of the season. Stay tuned for a mid-season update.


Photo Credit: NY Times

Glen Rock students recap the first two episodes of “The Bachelor.” The drama-filled show provides escapism for students.

The start of the 25th season of “The Bachelor” has provided excitement and escapism for Glen Rock students.

The first two episodes presented the introduction to Bachelor Matt James and the 32 contestants vying for his love. The contestants competed to make strong first impressions on James and to survive the initial cuts. 

So far, the most drama-filled contestant has been Victoria, a self-proclaimed “queen.” Senior Cole Gibney is excited by her potential.

“I think the drama for this season is at an all time high, especially with Victoria, and it will only escalate in my opinion,” Gibney said. “I’m excited to see where it goes with her.”

At the end of episode two, Victoria and Marylyn, another contestant, got into a dramatic exchange, leading James to not know who to trust. It is unclear if either contestant made the next episode, as we are left with a cliffhanger.

James, the first Black bachelor, has been a popular choice so far. Senior Grace Casper thinks it will get harder for him as the season progresses.

“I love Matt. I think he is the perfect bachelor, especially since he wasn’t on the Bachelorette or anything before, but I do think the pressure is going to get to him later on in the season,” Casper said.

The bachelor hands out roses to contestants he wants to remain on the show and had a connection too. Roses are handed out every episode, and those who do not receive a rose are eliminated. 

In episode one, James gave Abigail the first impression rose. This is given to the contestant who makes the best first impression on the bachelor. Eight contestants were eliminated in episode one.

Bri and Sarah were the first two contestants to go on individual dates in episode two, with a larger group date in the episode as well. Leading up to the final few roses of the night, Sarah nearly fainted in the back row, before the episode ended abruptly. Even with this uncertainty, Bri and Sarah are at an advantage, as early one-on-one time can lead to lasting longer on the show.

Every season of “The Bachelor” has a top four, and when asked for predictions, Gibney thinks it will be Bri, Abigail, MJ and Pieper, while Casper thinks it will be Bri, Abigail, Sarah and Rachel. Despite some of the early favorites, these are bound to change as more drama arises and Matt continues to make more connections. 

This season of “The Bachelor” will be unlike any other, with the show in a COVID-19 bubble at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania, and with previews showing the possibility of new contestants entering the show mid-season, Gibney thinks this season will be one of the most unpredictable. 

I think one of the girls who isn’t there yet and comes in the second wave will win the season,” Gibney said. 

Cole, Grace and other students will continue to tune into “The Bachelor” episodes every Monday night at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.