New digital signs advise: “Don’t be a victim” of vehicle theft


Photo Credit: Alan Bronner

As part of the Glen Rock Police Department’s effort to combat recent vehicle crimes, a digital sign warns of vehicle theft in downtown Glen Rock.

by Jenny DeStefano, Managing Editor

   In response to the recent increase in vehicle theft, digital signs advising ways to protect yourself against crime have been placed around Glen Rock.

    Placed at major traffic sites downtown, these signs aim to promote vehicle security and inform drivers of burglary risks with slogans such as “Lock it or lose it” and “Don’t be a victim.” 

    “These signs are a good reminder that despite how safe we think the town is, unfortunately it’s not immune to crime,” resident Lena Magda said. “My car was broken into years ago in N.Y. and it was not a pleasant feeling, so better to just lock everything for the night.”

    Some Glen Rock residents, however, find the signs to be unnecessary and ineffective in preventing or limiting crime.

   “It’s beyond ridiculous that educated adults need to be reminded to lock their doors and not leave their car keys in their car,” resident Nanci Lynn said. “The fact that residents need public service announcements is embarrassing for them. It’s basic common sense.” 

   Nevertheless, the signs remain advertising security tips, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, due to the general support from some residents. 

   “My family loves the ‘Nine O’Clock Lock’ tagline,”  resident Eileen Hillock said. “While we have inadvertently left key fobs in the car from time to time, this campaign has made us much more conscious of double checking that the cars are locked.”

   For official information on how to protect yourself from theft, check out the Glen Rock Police Department’s Public Service Announcement.