Sneakerhead to entrepreneur


Photo Credit: Kate Casey

Senior Max Lindley prepares for his first garage sale. In one day, he sold approximately $500 worth inventory. Lindley created his own business called Suburban Sneaker Steals, where he buys and resells shoes and vintage clothing.

by Will Casey, Staff Writer

It all started with a pair of shoes.

Five years ago, senior Max Lindley saved up his birthday money and weekly allowance to buy a pair of Jordan 4’s. Soon after finding those sneakers, he found another pair he wanted even more. He sold his first pair and this time bought Jordan 3’s. Unintentionally, he made a profit. Lindley realized that he could make a business out of this.

Senior Max Lindley has been selling sneakers since he was in seventh grade, and today has his own business called Suburban Sneaker Steals. He buys and resells shoes, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jerseys. He markets his inventory on eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and at his own garages sales.

At first he only sold sneakers, but as his business expanded, he began selling clothes too. With this addition, his business was growing quickly and needed a name.

Lindley was inspired by a colleague’s business name, Suburban Sole Swap, and he decided to name his similarly. His hard work was finally recognized with a title: Suburban Sneaker Steals.

Lindley sells his clothes online and at garage sales. He has organized two garage sales, which took place on June 16 and July 15, 2018 in his own driveway. He organized racks of jerseys, shoes, shirts, hats, movies, and posters that were available to purchase. He made over $700 at each of these garage sales.

Max Lindley often posts his inventory on his Instagram, @suburbansneakersteals. He posts pictures and captions it with the size, description and price. He also promotes his business on Snapchat and Facebook.

Over the summer, a small business called Fat Noobs, opened up in Bagel Gourmet  in Glen Rock after closing time on weekends. Fat Noobs sold sandwiches to kids late at night in a safe environment, but after a complaint from a parent, Fat Noobs opened for its last time on August 25.

The owner of Fat Noobs was a loyal customer of Suburban Sneaker Steals and allowed Lindley to sell in his store to bring in more attract more people. 

Suburban Sneaker Steals has not only benefited Lindley and his customers, but it has also benefited the community.

In 2017, Texas was hit with one of the worst hurricanes in history. Hurricane Harvey left people homeless and without their belongings. Lindley had a friend that he had done business with living in Texas. His friend was collecting donations and clothes for his community, so Lindley decided to help.  

“I’m very fortunate to have this roof over my head, but what if I didn’t? I’d want people to help me,” Lindley said.

In less than two weeks, Lindley collected close to 500 pounds of clothes and shoes and shipped them to his colleague.

Lindley gets some of his inventory off of eBay and other websites, but most of it comes from thrifting in various stores around New Jersey. He goes to stores and buys more inventory daily.

Lindley often sells rare and vintage apparel that he finds in thrift stores. His biggest finds are a Starter Washington Senators jersey, a 1991 I Love Lucy Crewneck, and a Negro Baseball League Jersey.

“A lot of people sell sneakers, especially in Glen Rock. The diversity of the my business and inventory definitely helps me stand out,” Lindley said.

His business is not only in the Glen Rock community, but also across the states and the world. He habitually sells to customers in California and the west coast, and even in Canada and New Zealand.

“I’ve made some good friendships through Suburban Sneaker Steals. It’s really not just about the money and the clothes. It’s about the people you meet,” Lindley said.

Next year, Lindley will attend Springfield College in Massachusetts. He is going to continue Suburban Sneaker Steals, but will not be selling as heavily as he is now. He will sell off of eBay and Facebook, and plans to ship clothes out of his dorm and sell to other people on campus. One thing is for sure, Suburban Sneaker Steals isn’t over.