Panthers improve to 3-0 after victory against Palisade Park


Glen Rock forces a fumble in the back field causing Palisade Park to jump on it.

by Colin Boisits, Staff Writer

The Glen Rock Panthers took down Palisades Park 42-6 led by their strong defense causing multiple fumbles, and high flying offense scoring 6 touchdowns.

While the Panthers defense were bringing heavy pressure to the backfield they continued to contain Palisade Park from the Red Zone. The Panthers defense would make the Tigers punt almost every drive to let quarterback Greg Schlett and the Panthers offense take the game over.

Ashton Delessio started the game off by returning a kick return on the opening play. He had 2 touchdowns that game. Greg Schlett got a pick six early in the the first half which would increase the Panthers lead 21-0.

Seve  Bilbao then rushed for a touchdown to make it 28-0 to end the first half.

Palisadse Park could not find a way to get close to 10 yards, the Panthers defense was electric that night. The game moved very slowly which meant more opportunities for Panthers head coach Jim Kurz to get a lot of players in. From the end of the 3rd quarter until the end of the game a lot of younger guys got to go in.

3 Freshman Andrew Sara, Mike Mccarthy, and Nolan Clark got in the game and also sophomore backup quarterback Ty Scherer also got to run the offense and even scoring a touchdown at the end of the game.

Coach Kurz said “The strongest part of the team is our team, and I think our guys have been doing a great job with all 3 facets of it (Offense, defense, special teams). Kurz also said “Our only goal is to do our best each week, if you can take care of that you can probably look back and realize that you had a good year, but we can’t we can’t look too far ahead”.

After the freshman and sophomores doing a great job at the end of the game to contain  Palisade Park from getting close to them, the game came down to a final score of 42-6.