Czech trip trouble


Photo Credit: Justin Ecochard

A view captured from a tower on the Prague Castle overlooking the city

by David Martinez, Staff Writer

The cultural exchange program has once again created a trip abroad. There will be two trips: one to the Czech Republic-primarily set up by the cultural exchange program- and one to Barcelona. This time, however, it is set up by the Spanish Club and the Spanish department.

Although theses trips are filled with lots of interesting places to see and learn about, the trip’s co-advisers, Mr. Tom Lyon and Justin Ecochard, have not been able to get the minimum amount of people (ten) to go in order to keep the trip intact.

Lyon wants at least ten people to go but aspires to fill up the maximum amount of people going (15), as that would mean each person would have to pay less for the expenses. As of now, the club has only nine people that are certain to go. Lyon thinks that the ideal amount of people to go is 12 and hopes to achieve that. However, with only nine people going so far, the trip is certain to be canceled, unless more people express interest and hand in their deposits.

Lyon has used different ways to advertise the trip. Beginning in February, the advisers began sending between 190 and 250 letters to the families of students who attended the trips in the past, as well as people that showed interest in the trip. He also relied on the teachers, especially in the social studies department, to encourage kids to go on the trip.

The trip is expensive, making it difficult for some people to want to go because of its expenses. Also, taking off a week of school towards the beginning of the school further complicates their schedules.

“All I can say to that is that exchange trips, they are educational opportunities,” Lyon said. “It’s not a vacation. You are immersing yourself in a culture.”