Fashion forward future

by Killeen McDonald, Staff Writer

From twitter to the streets of New York City to the halls of Glen Rock High School, fashion is a prevalent theme.

Senior Caroline Mancuso exemplifies this theme walking down the halls of GRHS.  Her “versatile” style catches her peers’ eyes, including fellow senior Rebecca Nathanson. “I love how Caroline dresses and how she mixes different styles together,” Nathanson said.

Mancuso’s style has evolved into a mash-up of many different kinds. As Mancuso said, “It’s boho sometimes, sporty, refined, and urban and contemporary.” She creates these looks from pulling pieces from many different stores. Among her favorite are Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Alice and Olivia, and French Connection.

Unlike many high school students, Mancuso’s inspiration does not come from the mannequins at her favorite stores. Influence from models to artists to designers helps her to shape her creative ideas. One of her favorite fashion idols is author and social media icon, Leandra Medine.

Leandra Medine has a popular twitter account and website titled “Man Repeller” focused on fashion. “She has a distinct and unique style so I definitely look to her for style and outfit ideas,” Mancuso said.  Her most recent obsession inspired by Medine is “really chic and wide leg baggy jeans.”

While style is something noticed by others more than the person in the outfit, one’s outfit changes their whole day. An outfit can dictate confidence or mood. “If I’m wearing an outfit I love one day, chances are I will be more confident,” Mancuso said.

Music is another passion of Mancuso, besides fashion. Music, for Mancuso,  is an outlet for self-expression and another creative way to find style inspiration. “The style of artist, their genre, look, music sound, and emblem all have an effect on my fashion sense,” Mancuso said.

Mancuso and fellow senior Nathanson, furthered their love of fashion and styling by attending classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. The class that took place last spring was a “fabric styling class.” Mancuso spent her time learning how to create mood boards. Rummaging through swatches at fabric stores, she would find the ones that incorporate the celebrity’s style she was focusing on and add them to her mood board.

Not only did Mancuso learn how to create mood boards and styles, but she also learned to pull inspiration from her surroundings. “We didn’t just look at clothing—we looked at architecture, plants, and other things that inspired us,” said Mancuso.

As a result of her experience and expertise, Mancuso was chosen to be in charge of wardrobe for the cast of the Beauty and the Beast school musical along with senior Juliana Brancato. They will styling be styling the cast and finding clothes at stores that would be perfect for the musical. Mancuso and Brancato will also be helping behind stage in between scenes.

Along with musical wardrobe, Mancuso will be co-directing the Interact Club fashion show. Mancuso and fellow directors Rebecca Nathanson, Briana Garcia, and Kate Chapman will be selecting stores to rent outfits for the models in the show. The girls are filled with excitement and anticipation to start working on show. “I can’t wait to work with her and the rest of the people involved in the interact show!” Nathanson said.

“I’m really, really excited for it cause we have a great group of girls running it,” Mancuso said.

Mancuso is hopeful to attend a college with fashion merchandising programs.  Location is key. “If I do not attend college in NYC, I will 100% be looking for internships and jobs there,” Mancuso said. After college, a career in fashion is in sight. Whether she is “a buyer, a fashion director, a textile merchandiser, a catalog production manager or a merchandise display artist” fashion is sure to be evident in Mancuso’s future.

A huge inspiration to her dreams of being involved in fashion as a career is Mancuso’s mother. Mancuso’s mother has been working for the renowned department store, Bloomingdale’s for 34 years.  “I loved seeing the Bloomingdale’s windows in NYC every winter and meeting my mom’s coworkers really opened my eyes to a future that I want to have in fashion,” Mancuso said.

Not only does Mancuso dream of attending NYC Fashion Week she also helps to one day be a part of it. “I want to be involved with runway in any way. It would also be really cool to work with a renowned brand,” Mancuso said.

Mancuso will sure to be seen making her way in the fashion world, as she has already started. There is definitely a spot waiting just for her in this field. “I think she will do awesome, because she is awesome!” Nathanson said.