Still time for some holiday Cheer


Despite the football season ending officially in mid-November, the cheerleaders remain out in full force as they practice for competitions in late November and early December.

by Lauren Hanfield, Staff Writer

They’re not done yet.

The Glen Rock High School Cheerleaders are still finishing up their exhilarating fall season, even though football season has officially ended.

As the last fall team to end their season, the cheerleaders are partaking in several competitions in North Jersey. The first was on Saturday, Nov. 27 at Wanaque. The other competition is in early December.

After the last competition, the fall season is officially over: yet with the winter season right around the corner, the girls will be back at it in no time to cheer on the basketball team.

Alyssa Perry, a math teacher, has been coaching at Glen Rock for two exciting years. She was a former cheerleader at her high school in North Warren and also at Rutgers where she attended college. She coaches both the fall and winter seasons while also grading math homework and tests.

“I’m very excited for this season,” said Perry, who still meets with her squad every day. “We’ll put a bunch of new routines together, and we’ll have special things for the basketball games so that’ll be exciting for everyone to watch.”

While the cheerleaders are preparing for the season to begin, Coach Perry has been researching the times and dates for winter competitions. Competitions are a part of the Glen Rock Cheerleading tradition, and it is hoped that the tradition will continue furthermore down the road.

Last year, the cheerleading team placed first as well as grand champions.

This year, Glen Rock is looking to add to that impressive resume.

“I was actually looking at two different competitions in February, so we’ll see which ones we decide to go to,” Perry said.

The cheerleaders comprise a hard-working group of girls who do their best to entertain to the max and, with the fall season coming to an end, they are very enthusiastic about the upcoming season.

“I’m very excited for the winter season, we have some new routines we are going to be working on, and we’ll be working on our technique and helping the junior varsity girls that will be coming up for winter,” said Victoria Calderón (’16), a varsity cheerleader. She has been on varsity since her sophomore year and plans to continue cheering her graduating year of 2016.

There are a bunch of great people on the team, and we all have great bonds and have very fun times together.

— Victoria Calderon, junior

“Ya know, I really enjoy being on varsity,” Victoria said. “There are a bunch of great people on the team, and we all have great bonds and have very fun times together.”

The varsity cheerleading squad has developed a very strong relationship, not only with each other but with their coach as well.

“I’ve been a cheerleader since my freshman year of high school and come every season,” Jessica Giardino (’16) said. “There’s always something new to look forward too as if adding new people to the squad or even developing new friendships and great bonds with the girls around you.”

Giardino has been on varsity since this past season and plans to continue cheering in the future.

“Cheerleading is a passion of mine and I’m very excited for the upcoming season,” Giardino said. “It’s really a fun time.”

Coach Perry and the cheerleaders, along with anyone else who is willing to try out for the team, held a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 25th with information regarding the winter season.

Tryouts will be on Dec. 9th, 10th, and 11th.