Was semi a ball or a bust?


by Anna Barton, Staff Writer

Following the semi-formal dance, sophomores were asked for feedback on the location being in the courtyard.

“It was a bust,” sophomore Sydney Struble said.

The semi-formal dance is a GRHS tradition for the sophomore class that has been carried out for many years. This year, the class officers tried to incorporate something new to add a new element to the dance and changed the setting to the courtyard.

When asked about the dance, however, many students had mixed feelings.

“It had potential but it didn’t turn out to be as great as I thought,” Beth Keefe said.

Sophomore Kristen Caperosso, a sophomore who attended the dance, also went to the Class of 2015’s Semi Formal, which took place in the cafeteria.

“I really enjoyed the music and being with my friends from the older grade,” she said. “It was different from last years, considering it was outside. It got more fun as the night went on and it got darker out.”

Jillian Cioppio, had a different opinion of the dance, however, “Taking pictures and stuff was fun of course but once we got to the school it wasn’t too great,” she said.

“It wasn’t a great experience; prom was better,” 2009 graduate Kristen Ivory said. “I hated that the cafeteria was cut in half and that was all the room we had. And I thought the music was pretty mundane; they overplayed the same music that they had at previous dances that I didn’t really enjoy.”

Many attendants of this years’ Semi Formal Dance shared a similar opinion regarding the music.

“I think having Semi in the courtyard was a great attempt at trying something new. The refreshments and the environment were good, but the music wasn’t,” Julie Singh (’16) said.

“The whole experience was fun, especially that we got a chance to get dressed up and had a nice event for our grade,” Rachel Bases (’16) said. “I liked the idea of having the dance in the courtyard because it was nicer than in the cafeteria but the DJ didn’t play good songs so it was boring at some points.”

Jesse Weiss agreed. He said, “I do not believe it was good. It lacked in the food department and any sort of prime entertainment. The music was pretty old.”

“Yeah I wasn’t a fan of the music,” Jake Riley also added.

For some, however, the overall outcome wasn’t as fun as they expected it to be.

“I had a fun time with my date and friends but that’s about all. I feel like it needed more snacks and dinner should’ve been served, otherwise there was no real premise to the event,” Max Felsenstien said.

Likewise, Mike Szawaluk commented, “I was excited to go to the dance with my date but the entire setting wasn’t fun and it was just kind of boring.”

Matt Lange, nevertheless, had bittersweet feelings, “I believe semi was a lot of fun but it was a little too long.”

Some students didn’t even attend the dance.

“I didn’t go to Semi because none of my friends were going and I didn’t want to be there, only one of my friends there,” Luke Visconti explained.

However, Semi wasn’t as bad as some perceived it to be.

Max Egermayer said, “It was well-organized and the DJ was awesome.”

“It was a fun night with great friends!” Zoe Bender said, “Many schools don’t have anything for sophomores at the end of the year, and I’m really glad we are able to have something.

Ryan Stolz said, “It was a little weird at first but as the night went on, it was fun.”

“Most people I’ve talked to had a great time and said it was really fun and I agree with them!” Bender also added.

So was Semi a ball or a bust?

Well I guess it’s what you make of it that determines that.