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Speculations on Rap and Poetry

by F. Timothy Mountain, Writer
April 25 • 1,241 views
Filed under Blogs

As somebody who is deeply passionate about literature, as broad a topic as that may be, I am an advocate of poetry in all forms. However, nowadays, there seems to be a considerable amount of controversy regarding what exactly qualifies as poetry. Seeing as “What identifies as poetry” is an enormous...


by F. Timothy Mountain, Lead Satirist
April 9 • 1,622 views
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Art. Art is a beautiful thing. Everybody loves art in some medium, be it a painting, a piece of literature, a sculpture, a movie, a song, the exterior of a can of Arizona® Iced Tea, a work of journalism, or any other thing that identifies as art. However, like a large portion of the pulchr...

Proposal Inflation

by F. Timothy Mountain, Lead Satirist
March 20 • 1,003 views
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As of recent, I have noticed a phenomenon occurring in our school, which parallels some of the central dogmas of economics. Students of economics (and the majority of other people) are very familiar with money’s value’s innate tendency to decrease temporally- What we call “inflation.” It seems...

A new season for makeup

A new season for makeup

by Marisa Kobylowski, Staff Writer
March 14 • 2,198 views
Filed under A&E, Blogs

As spring slowly approaches, there are already new fun spring colors coming out especially in the makeup industry.  As we make our transformation from the winter darks to the spring bright and pastel colors, there is a color that works best on everyone! The first product is a nail polish line called;...