A new season for makeup


by Marisa Kobylowski, Staff Writer

As spring slowly approaches, there are already new fun spring colors coming out especially in the makeup industry.  As we make our transformation from the winter darks to the spring bright and pastel colors, there is a color that works best on everyone!

The first product is a nail polish line called; Kinetics Ice Cream Spring 2014 Collection. It’s not just any ordinary nail polish. This new spring collection has six neon nail colors, each one being inspired by an ice cream flavor. All the six Kinetics polishes have a matte effect which is so trendy right now.

Estee Lauder just released two brand new Travel Exclusive Sets for eyes and lips, both featuring six shades. The first set consists of warm pinks, reds and oranges. The second set consists mostly of neutral colors such as; grey, black, green, and nudes. The sets are sold separately so see what colors pop!

The new Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights Eye Palette has just arrived at makeup counters. Anyone who is tired of nude and bright eye shadows should try this pastel eye shadow palette, which has a gorgeous matte and metallic finish.

Last but not least is the breaking news that MAC Cosmetics has launched its new Mineralize Eye Shadow x4 Collection. There are six new quads that will hit the counters next week. Some new colors palettes include; browns greys, olives, blues, purples and pinks.

Elizabeth Lee (’15) is really excited about returning to her spring makeup look. When asked about what she likes so much about spring makeup, she said, “I like the pastel eye shadows because it’s a change from winter dark colors to light colors.”

Enjoy the upcoming warmer weather but especially enjoy experimenting with a new fresh look! Spring makeup is about taking chances with your everyday look – you can either go super soft, subtle, and natural with the pastels or bold and bright with the neons.