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Improvements for boys’ team room upcoming

A section of the boys' team locker room. Most lockers do not work throughout the room.

by Ryan Hornish, Copy Editor

May 10, 2019

Baseball bags lined up against lockers, bats strewn on the floor, in a corner a group of defensemen’s lacrosse sticks lean on a wall, and athletic wear is thrown next to open lockers. Newspaper clippings, inspirational quotes, and a Christmas card from the New York Giants hang from the walls of the boys...

Winter Track team prepares for cool running

Winter track athletes train outside under the lights thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.

by Alethea Jadick, Staff Writer

December 22, 2015

Preparing for the spring season and getting in shape -- that's what it’s all about. As the weather gets cooler the winter track team prepares for its first meet on Dec. 22 at the Armory in New York City. Captains have not been announced, and the coaches, Mr. J.P. McCarten, Mr. Mike Corby,...

Living the fantasy

Fantasy sports creates the illusive thrill of victory for both athletes and non-athletes alike, bringing fans closer to their favorite sports.

by Ryan Stolz, Sports Editor

April 29, 2014

For many of the scrawny, un-athletic students who have realized that they likely have a better chance of winning the lottery than playing professional sports, fantasy sports provides just that – a fantasy. Fantasy sports, particularly fantasy football, are rampant among all people, including high...

Not ‘crossed out

As she breaks through a swarm of defense, Alex Beilman scores a goal against her opponents.

by Kelly Streaser, Editor-in-Chief

April 25, 2014

“I was really bad back then. Really flimsy,” she recalled with a laugh. Lacrosse is a big part of Beilman’s life, but she didn’t actually start playing until she was in seventh grade. Before that, when she was in fourth grade, she started playing basketball. It used to be her favorite sport. In...


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