Improvements for boys’ team room upcoming


Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish

A section of the boys’ team locker room. Most lockers do not work throughout the room.

by Ryan Hornish, Copy Editor

Baseball bags lined up against lockers, bats strewn on the floor, in a corner a group of defensemen’s lacrosse sticks lean on a wall, and athletic wear is thrown next to open lockers. Newspaper clippings, inspirational quotes, and a Christmas card from the New York Giants hang from the walls of the boys’ team locker room.


After years of deterioration, a regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting in March stated that money was to be set aside for improvements to the High School Team Locker Room, as well as other capital projects to take place in the district. No set date for the project has been announced, but it is likely to occur this summer.    

Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish
Defenders lacrosse sticks are shoved into a back corner of the room, unable to fit in players lockers.

Frank Violante, the High School Athletic Director explained that he was unsure of the last time the locker room had experienced any form of renovations other than lockers being refurbished in his 14 years as Athletic Director.


“It’s going to be really nice because we are rearranging it, but we want it to last forever,” Violante said.


As of now, no designs have been formalized. It has been roughly a year since an employee from Nickerson (the company that will build the new locker room) first discussed the plan with Glen Rock. Violante hopes that he can meet with Nickerson soon so work can begin this summer. Funding from the district totals $60,000.


The company is expected to work with both Coach Kurz and Coach Escalante to fit the specifications that are needed to fit the athletes that use the room. These athletes can expect a total configuration change of the room, with new sturdy metal lockers, differing in sizes so sports can fit their equipment. Coach Escalante hopes the lockers will include a bench with a cubby built in to create more space in the locker room.


Although no set date has been established, athletes can look forward to a new boys’ team room in the near future