Murphy Signs New Gun Law

by Teddy Machera, Staff Writer

In December, Governor Murphy signed a new gun law for the state of New Jersey. On top of increasing gun permit fees, the law essentially put a ban on guns in sensitive places such as public gatherings and airports. However, since December, Governor Murphy’s new gun laws have run into numerous roadblocks at the federal level. In recent days, new setbacks have further devastated these laws.

On May 16th, district judge Renée Marie Bumb issued her preliminary ruling of the issue. Effectively overturning the laws Governor Murphy put into place, the ruling lifted the bans on the concealment of weapons in public areas. So long as one has a concealed carry permit, this allows any citizen of New Jersey to carry loaded firearms in previously banned locations. Moreover, Bumb’s ruling restricts the required in-person interviews for potential gun applicants, as well as prohibiting the requirement of gun owners to obtain liability insurance, or the covering of costs for lost or stolen firearms. Bumb’s main argument against the previously passed laws is that, as opposed to restricting the use of guns for unlawful use.

the laws hurt law abiding firearm owners. Members of Governor Murphy’s administration state that the blocking of the law is “a misguided and erroneous ruling.”

In terms of the effects of the weakening of gun laws, supportive evidence shows that it leads to an increase in gun violence. With New Jersey ranking as one of the safest states in the country in terms of gun violence, the blocking of protective gun laws can put this safety in jeopardy. Anthony Isoldi, a student at Glen Rock High School stated the following when asked about his opinion on the matter, “The pros of concealed carry laws would be that you can protect yourself in a scenario where you are in danger. It would also be in violation of the second amendment to block the laws. The cons are that it can cause false feelings of danger. It would also probably make gun violence more common.” As seen from this statement, among the views of many others, there will continue to be persistent arguments for both sides of the issue of gun laws.