A new generation of education: The Science Rocks! program

by Davian Gekman, Staff Writer

In a world where educators are eager to find ways to inspire students to join the STEM community (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), the Glen Rock High School Science National Honor Society has picked up the fight with a new approach.

Emma Johnston recently founded the Science Rocks program as a way to stimulate a love for science in Glen Rock’s youth. Through this program, high school students with a passion for science visit elementary schools and work with the young students in engaging science experiments. The current high schoolers involved in the program are: Peter Renga, Ethan Reiman, Ali Baldacchino, Oliver Hegyi, Luca Pappalardo, Libby Martin, Virginia Liang, Danny Erani, Jessie Levine, Marina Martell, Grace Lew, and Polina Lipsits.

One of the first events was held in 4th grade classrooms at Central and Byrd Elementary Schools. Glen Rock High School students led a program in which students extracted the DNA of a strawberry!

The program has already created a lot of excitement with the young students. So far, the Science Rocks team has visited Coleman, Byrd, and Central and plans to visit all the elementary schools in town by the end of the year.

This program not only benefits elementary school students, but also gives members of the Science National Honor Society an opportunity to share their passion and knowledge with young students, while also acting as role models.

“The Science Rocks team is looking to reach all 4th graders in the district and expand the program beyond school visits,” Johnston responded when asked about what’s next.

She believes it is time that the world look to the youth to find innovative ways to teach future generations.