Super bowl commercials: ranked

by Cadia Warner, Profile Editor

     On Sunday Feb. 12, not only did the Chiefs and the Eagles take the field, but tens of millions of dollars were spent on advertisements. Hold on to your helmets, because I’m ranking all of the Super Bowl XLVII commercials so you don’t have to.

     I’m not a football fan, but I’m always down for snacks and laughs- the only two reasons I tune in year after year. I’m going into this with high expectations: I’m looking for creativity, humor and how well they actually advertised their product. 

     Funniest Commercial: One of the funniest ads was the Sam Adams commercial, depicting an ideal world for the modern cousin from Boston, (properly pronounced “Bah-stin”), all thanks to a beverage. I mean seriously, who doesn’t laugh at a utopia where Yankee fans and Red Sox fans live in perfect harmony?

     An honorable mention for funniest ad goes to the Workday software team. While I’m not entirely familiar with the product, I thought their message was funny and relatable day to day. If you didn’t catch this one, it was a playful dig at businesses and managers calling their employees “rockstars”. Cameos from Ozzy Ozbourne, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Paul Stanley and Gary Clark Jr. (actual rockstars) reminded viewers of the hard work that goes into stardom. Mastering spreadsheets is impressive, but we need to call it like it is. It was a friendly reminder that sometimes, we need to put things into perspective both inside and outside of the workplace. It also kind of poked fun at corporate culture, but in a lighthearted way.

     Most Creative: Budweiser’s “Six Degrees of Budweiser” narrated by actor Kevin Bacon was the most creative in my opinion. With a wholesome spin on a beer advertisement, the commercial showed how we’re all closer to each other than we think. I thought it was a fun spin on the classic “Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon” game, bringing the audience into the picture more so than other ads. I also have to give an honorable mention to Tubi, who made everyone in my house scramble for the remote thinking someone hit the wrong button. It’s creative in a different way, but it shows how quickly technology has advanced- (and how quickly we can turn on each other when we think someone sat on the remote!)

     My Favorite Celebrity Endorsement: To be completely honest, all my biases are going into this category. He plays guitar, he plays drums, he’s hilarious, he’s kind and he’s even been on Sesame Street. He literally rocks. He is Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, and he was hands down my favorite celebrity endorsement from Sundays commercials. It seemed unlike him, but this was a no brainer for me. He gets bonus points from me for confessing his love for Michael Cera. Good pick, Crown Royal advertising department- you deserve a raise.

     Most Unexpected: Again, I’m biased towards my favorite team, but the Mets knocked it out of the park on their commercial (no pun intended). Usually we only see football related commercials for things like chips and beer, but I can’t remember an ad for a whole other sport. I loved seeing my favorite players off the field and in another setting through a light hearted advertisement for presale tickets. Not only did they advertise tickets, but they reminded me that spring training is almost here!

     Best Product Advertising: While it’s hard to pick which advertisement did the best job advertising, this one goes to the Michelob Ultra Caddyshack spoof. Not only was it a multi-part spinoff of the 1980 sports comedy, but it was a commercial within a commercial. One scene showed notable athletes watching Full Swing, a new golf docu series premiering on Netflix Feb. 15. The Heineken 0.0 commercial had a similar approach, featuring Paul Rudd drinking their alcohol-free beer as Marvel’s Ant Man, however the upcoming movie has gotten attention from other sources when Full Swing has not. This goes to show the impact of big franchises in the media, how we hear more about what’s happening with Marvel than independent directors for Netflix.

     So here are my picks. Companies made it hard to pick favorites, but I could tell a lot of preparation and hard work went into each and every one of them. Even if you didn’t win the pool or your favorite team didn’t take home the trophy, I at least hope you laughed, gasped and pondered as much as I did.