How Do Students Feel About a Shorter Summer Break?

by Elena Collado, Staff Writer

Rumors have been floating around school that there are new calendars proposed for the 2024-2025 school year, and some students are speculating that one of the proposed calendars might have two extra weeks of school in August. The specific details of this calendar are unclear as it is only a proposed calendar and multiple other variations are also in the works. It has been rumored by students that one of the proposals entails school starting approximately two weeks earlier and then potentially giving the extra days back to students and staff by adding them onto breaks throughout the school year, but there are no confirmed details about these proposed calendars.

  Two sophomores, Elana Putzer and Kelsey McCormack, both have very strong opinions about this hot topic. Elana thinks that this change is not necessary due to the fact that we already end school much later than most schools in the area. Kelsey is also unsure about this proposed calendar for similar reasons. She feels that students deserve a long summer break after getting through a stressful year at school. It is clear that students aren’t exactly upset about the shortening of Summer break, but rather confused since there hasn’t been a specific reason identified as to why it is necessary to make such a drastic change to the calendar. 

Both Elana and Kelsey are also fall sport athletes who participate in preseason during the summer. This abrupt change in the start date for school would affect their sports seasons because pre-season would then start much earlier for them. Elana and Kelsey would also be affected by this calendar in regards to their work life. 

They both work at a local summer camp as counselors over the summer and have been a part of the community at the camp since they themselves were campers years ago. If school and their fall pre-seasons were to start earlier, they would most likely have to rearrange their work schedule and not be able to work as much as they would like. Considering that they would be seniors that year, it would be disappointing for them to have one of their last years working at camp cut short.

While some students aren’t exactly the most excited about this rumored proposal, other students at GRHS might have a more positive outlook on it. Some students have stated that they think they would enjoy having breaks split up throughout the year, instead of having a super long summer break. Regardless, it’s up to each individual to determine whether they think the effects will be positive or negative.