The more you know: Tim Mure

by Lilian Kim, Staff Writer

Welcome to The More You Know where you can find out some interesting facts about teachers around Glen Rock’s education. In the first official interview of this monthly series, Physics teacher Mr. Mure is the first teacher to kick off the interviews.

Question: What is your background? Any siblings? Parents’ professions?

My mom is Dutch while my dad is Italian, he was a carpenter while my mom was a nurse. I have five siblings, one brother, four sisters. Out of six children, I’m the fifth child.

Question: What inspired you to become a teacher, and why Physics? Any other professions you thought of before being a teacher?

My first experience with teaching was by helping a younger kid on my street when I was in third grade. Since then I wanted a job that would help others. Before being a teacher I considered being a doctor, I was actually accepted into medical school. Really good with my hands too.

Question: In college, what did you major in?

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. All the sciences really.

Question: How did you decide to teach at Glen Rock? How long have you been teaching?

This is my second year at Glen Rock, prior I tried to teach at Glen Rock for 20 years, three times before I got that chance.

Question: Any facts that students may find surprising about you? Side hustles outside of teaching?

I own a pool business. Other than that I’m honestly kind of an open book so not really.

Question: If you weren’t a teacher, what other career would you see yourself doing?

Outside of my pool business probably a mechanic.

Question: What type of teaching style have you found works for you and your classes?

Hands on lab/interactive labs primarily have worked for my classes.

Question: When a student of yours is being difficult, how do you deal with them?

Usually privately and lovingly, I do my best to take a nice approach.

Question: Were there ever any times that you considered giving up on teaching?

Hundreds. In recent time definitely during Covid quarantining, I hated teaching online.

Question: What is your biggest tip to those who want to become teachers in the future?

Do it for love, because there ain’t that much money. Without my pool business I probably wouldn’t be making anything money-wise.