A Day in the Life: Mrs. Maasarani


Photo Credit: Katie Mae Yetter

by Eden Weisman, Freelance Writer

Mrs. Maasarani arrives at Glen Rock High school each school day, lately arriving in the sharp cold winter air. She teaches some of our freshman AP and CP world history classes. On her way to work she usually listens to the news. Occasionally, under her children’s persuasion, she finds herself listening to rap and pop music.

“I guess I would consider myself more of a morning person because I can get more things done in the morning but I do also like to stay up a little later than I should,” she said. But what really gets her going in the morning is coffee.

When asked she chooses “Coffee 100%” over tea. Some teachers are avid Dunkin’ or Starbucks fans, but Mrs. Maasarani makes her own coffee, channeling her barista side.
At home for a time she and her family had small pets, “We had a hermit crab for a while, but that didn’t last too long and a fish”, never a cat or dog “daughter would love one but we don’t have one.”

During lunch, she can usually be found in the Social Studies office, laughing with her colleagues. Sometimes administering tests, helping students, and other days being interviewed.
At home like most of us, Mrs. Maasarani enjoys watching TV. “I’d say ‘The Office’ so funny!” Her face lit up and we could tell just how much she loves the show.

Mrs. Maasarani looks up to many historical figures but there are so many great people to choose from she could only narrow it down to three, “Gandhi, Winston Churchill, John Locke.” Gandhi, a lawyer and leader of a peaceful anti-colonist movement. Winston Churchill, a former prime minister of the United Kingdom. He lead his country through the second world war. John Locke, a philosopher and one of the greatest influences to the Enlightenment.

Each school day she locks the door to her classroom, waves goodbye to her colleagues, and drives home. Then she goes to school the next morning to teach and do it all over again.