Advanced Broadcast Media produces a documentary on “The Band From Glen Rock High” movie


Photo Credit: Cadia Warner

The courtyard floods with cameras and musicians as Ms. Cella gives a tour of GRHS.

by Naomi Bashan, Social Media Manager

Glen Rock High School’s own Advanced Broadcast Media received a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to do media coverage on “The Band From Glen Rock High” movie shoot. The class, led by Mrs. Vrablic, teacher of Broadcast media and television production, jumped at the opportunity. They came up with an idea to cover the making of the documentary. As unorthodox as it seems, it’s not everyday that highschool students get to witness the making of a movie.
Prior to the reunion performance, alumni band members Barry Rubinow and Doug Romoff stopped by to speak with the Advanced Broadcast Media class. Sitting in the front of the room, on two stools, the pair looked right at home. Behind them stood a whiteboard dictating the creative process for the class, from brainstorming concepts to meeting dates. Romoff, sporting a red hat, was ready to impart all of his knowledge.
“Don’t turn on the camera and expect it to just be there,” said Romoff, prompting nods from students, “You must bring something to the table.”
The pair watched the previous work of the class, and gave advice to students. Students also got to show some of their previous pieces to the alumni, highlighting their football hype videos, as well as their wellness center commercial.
Swapping trade secrets on analog cameras, Rubinow and Romoff seemed to fit right into the classroom. They had a lot to say about their own highschool nostalgia.
“50 years went by and we’re still 17. A lot of these relationships were cemented over time,” chuckled Romoff, as Rubinow smiled and sighed.
The day of the performance, the ABM class was scattered throughout the school. Some students were responsible for equipment and others were shadowing documentary makers. Even through the chaos, the class was running smoothly. In the busy auditorium, the ABM crew set up their equipment right next to the real deal: the equipment of “The Band from Glen Rock High” documentary crew. Funny enough, students also followed the group on a tour of the school, recording the film crew, who was recording the band.
Advanced Broadcast Media students were professional, engaged, and ready to roll, holding cameras and interviewing producers. The class held a unified front throughout this unique experience, demonstrating true potential in the media industry. Sit tight, GRHS, their documentary is on the way!