How many hours do high school students sleep at night?


by Neil Sahu

Many high school students have an overload of work each night, and they are very busy throughout the day. Because of this, they may not be able to sleep well at night, and this can cause many negative factors in school. So, I decided to find out how many hours of sleep an average high school student gets.

To find the data and combine it, I asked students if they played sports or did extracurricular activities, how much homework they received, and if they got distracted by their phone. I did this because these are some of the factors that I could relate to that made me get less sleep. I split the topic into 3 categories: Student’s that get 3 hours of sleep, students who get around 6 hours of sleep, and students who get about 10 hours of sleep. This helped me try to organize my data, and find more differences.

There was only one student who picked 3 hours of sleep (3.45%), 8 students got 10 hours of sleep (30.7%) and 17 students who got 6 hours of sleep (65.38%.) The majority of the students who got 6 hours of sleep were limited because of sports, homework, or a mix of both. Students who got 10 hours of sleep were just distracted by their phone. But, the students who got 10 hours of sleep have had 2 hours of their activity maximum. And almost everyone thought that school should start later because of their sleep schedules. Overall, there were many unexpected end results and that made me think more about my questions and the data I received.