Former athletes praised in Glen Rock Hall of Fame


Photo Credit: Tom Scerbo

Ben Probert and his family at the GRHOF Induction on Oct. 13 at the Tides in North Haledon.

by Rob Zamparelli, Social Media Manager (Twitter)

The 2019 Glen Rock Hall Fame Induction was held on Oct. 13 at the Tides in North Haledon for its 5th induction of coaches, players and teams.

The list of the 2019 inductees can be found on The Glen Rock Hall of Fame website (

The Glen Rock Hall of Fame was created in 2008 by the board members of the Glen Rock Boosters Club.

Tom Scerbo, the President of the GRHOF, and his selection committee of eight other people,make the decisions on who gets inducted. The ceremony takes place every four to five years.

Scebro emphasized what an honor it was to be inducted.

”It’s only the very best athletes of individual sports,” he said.

There aren’t t many qualifications for induction into the GRHOF. As an athlete you need to have graduated at least 10 years ago, and as a coach, you can’t be actively coaching a team.

Although board members make nominations, people can send them in as well. Once multiple entries of the same person are received, the board will decide whether or not the person or team is qualified enough to be entered.