Teachers welcome parents for annual Back to School Night

by Andrew Kastelman, Staff Writer

The high school hosted parents for Back to School Night this Wednesday evening. 

The event began at 7 p.m. with an introduction by Principal John Arlotta. Parents moved through their children’s class schedules over the rest of the night, with each “class” meeting for 10 minutes.

Teachers met parents and described the courses they teach. Randi Metsch-Ampel, an English teacher, thinks teachers are important on Back to School Night. 

“I like to think of my role as meeting the parents and kind of giving them a sense of who I am to let them know I really care about their children,” Metsch-Ampel said. 

Kathleen Walter, a history teacher at Glen Rock High School, told parents about how impartiality factored into her teaching. 

“My main goal is to sound like I know what I am doing and let them know that I will treat their kids fairly,” Walter said. 

Teachers generally go over the course description, their teaching style, and their goals for the class in the 10 minutes they have. 

Students in the National Honor Society dotted the hallways, helping to direct parents to classrooms. 

Staci Lichtenstein, a parent of a senior, said that she has a meaningful role on Back to School Night.

“My role is to see what my son is doing in his classes so that I can be supportive at home in being involved in his learning,” she said.