Girls varsity tennis places second in county tournament


Photo Credit: Rachel Khusid

Top row, Puja Parikh, Lizzie Vreedenburgh, Maya Doyle, Carly Erani, Lauren Amram, and Allie Eisenberg after playing intense matches at Northern Valley Old Tappan on Sunday

by Devyn Ivers, Staff Writer

The girls varsity tennis team placed second in the county tournament at Northern Valley Demarest and Northern Valley Old Tappan this past weekend. 

Every year, the varsity team faces against schools all across Bergen County in this individualized tournament. The girls only compete with competitors in their league, meaning first singles would only play first singles, and so on.

Allie Eisenberg, who plays first singles, went to the quarterfinals.  

“A lot of people rely on me to support my team and play the best of every school, and it is especially hard at counties,” Eisenberg said. 

The team faced many opponents, their toughest being those from Dwight-Englewood, the overall winners of the tournament. 

Eisenberg’s teammate Carly Erani, a senior who plays third singles, was a finalist. Her achievement lifted Glen Rock to second place overall. 

Eisenberg said, “It’s always the mentally strong player that pulls through and wins, and this is very true for counties.”

Mentality is one of the most important factors in a tennis match. In this tournament, the team especially had to stay focused despite the cheers and outbursts from the boisterous crowd. 

“During a regular season, we are all trying to win as a team, and your individual match does not matter. But with counties, it is very individual and that’s what I love about it,” Eisenberg said.

It is all individualized, meaning a player is solely responsible for their strength both mentally and physically. This year, Glen Rock thrived in that way. 

The players faced the challenge of heat at this tournament. While the sweat on their faces should have stunted their stamina on the courts, Glen Rock pulled through and played with even more determination. 

With yet another unseasonably warm match today, playing in the heat has been an unforeseen factor on this first day of autumn.

“It is important in this weather to have good stamina and be able to endure harsh conditions, which we have practiced and were prepared for,” Eisenberg said. 

Last year, now graduated player Emma Mangino placed first overall in third singles and Ramsey High School won the tournament, but this year they placed third. 

Being first singles as only a sophomore, Eisenberg is looking forward to counties next year.