We need more snow days

by Rob Zamparelli, Staff Writer

Winter, the season hated by most people for its cold weather, snow,  and all the drudgery to do with winter. Everytime kids hear about snow, all they think about is having a snow day. Yet due to a lack of snow days scheduled into the calendar, many parents have to worry about scheduling their vacation during spring break around makeup snow days.

In the past, Glen Rock Public Schools have had four snow days, and if we didn’t use them all, they were added to spring break. Recently, however, the allotted days have changed from four to two days, which I believe is crazy. They changed the amount of snow days to two, yet we live in the Northeast where snow is very common during the winter.

When we exceeded the number of snow days this year, we had to make up those days during spring break. Many students consequently did not attend because they were on vacation, or parents had to cancel their vacation plans. 

Some may argue that you can’t predict how much snow is coming every year, but you actually can by looking at the last five years and averaging them out. Also they might say if we give four days and we only use one snow day, we then have to give the days back to the kids.

From what I experienced this year when I came to school on the two days during spring break that were added due to the snow days there was low number of students there and also teachers. Those who were there had no interest in being there, and it just felt like a wasted school day.

Instead, they could have done a half day before spring break on Good Friday and that would have counted as a day.

Lastly, many schools around Bergen County have more than two snow days. I believe the State should determine the number of snow days for the school districts in the state.