Why I don’t want my Senior Prom at The Space Odyssey


by The Glen Echo Staff

The Senior Prom. It’s the big one we all look forward to since we first enter high school.

Previously, the formality of Glen Rock’s school dances have always progressed by grade in regards to venue and dress code. Sophomore Semi in the courtyard. Junior Prom at Macaluso’s. Senior Prom at The Space Odyssey?

I do not believe The Space Odyssey is an appropriate venue for Senior Prom for this venue is an empty warehouse lacking windows, class, and the essence of tradition.

The senior class advisors proposed this venue for several reasons, one being that it is cheaper than the alternative venue, The Regency, but only by $45. I understand why students would like to cut costs wherever possible, but I don’t think the formality of the event is something we should sacrifice.

Another reason The Space Odyssey was proposed by advisors was because it could incorporate features like a bowling alley, an arcade, and laser tag. Yes, these are all fun activities, but inappropriate for the occasion. I always thought prom was a coming of age event, so why would we participate in such childish activities. Additionally, many girls in the senior class plan to stick with tradition by wearing a long gown and heels. I don’t know what it’s like to bowl in a gown and four inch heels nor do I ever want to find out.

The Space Odyssey is an empty warehouse that would require student council to completely transform the venue by decorating. I think this is unnecessary added pressure upon our class representatives when The Regency’s elegant facility and atmosphere initially promises the ceremonious tone many expect from their Senior Prom.

Seniors can vote for their prom to be held at either venues, The Space Odyssey or The Regency, through a google doc. The polls are going up after school today.