Boys recognized during soccer team’s Senior Day


Photo Credit: Simon Toffell

Senior Josh Quiat poses with his mother and father on Senior Day, Saturday, Oct. 14.

by Spencer LaVine, Staff Writer

A day to honor the graduating seniors of the soccer team is capped off with a 3-0 win over Eastern Christian on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Before the game, each senior’s name was announced, along with a unique message about each player and their contributions to the team, by Mr. Zakowski.

Players and their parents stood with each other and had their photos taken. Many of the players have been playing soccer for most of their lives, and it was great to see how far they’ve come.

Seniors took the pitch to start the game. A 0-0 tie for much of the game, goals from sophomores Ben Zakowski and Josh Kim put Glen Rock up 2-0. Senior Justin Kochman put the game on ice with a late goal.

Eleven seniors are currently on the team.