Impromptu evacuation occurs at high school and middle school


Photo Credit: Sophie Ferreri

Students look around for any clues as to why they were called outside. Luckily, the evacuation didn’t last long, and students were back in the school within a half an hour.

by Luke Brangaccio, Advertising Manager

Update 4:11: An early version of this article reported this was a bomb scare. According to Principal John Arlotta, it “was not a bomb threat.”

Students were released at the normal end to the school day and after school activities were cancelled after a shelter-in-place was initiated.

During the shelter-in-place, a canine unit swept the school while rumors circulated regarding the lockdown and its causes.

Principal John Arlotta commenced an evacuation of the school at 12:42 p.m. today.

After teachers initially took their students to the designated fire drill spots, they were eventually ordered to bring their students to the bleachers overlooking the field.

The Daily Voice, a news outlet covering Glen Rock and neighboring town Fair Lawn, reported that there was a bomb threat that was quickly cleared. An update by Principal Arlotta via email clarified that it “was not a bomb threat.” Students reported seeing up to five police cars on site.

The evacuation lasted about 30 minutes before the school was cleared to be re-entered. A shelter-in-place was then initiated, meaning students must stay in the classroom they were in before the initial drill was called.

Teachers were permitted to conduct business as usual, but students were not permitted in the hall.

The Glen Echo will have all other information concerning this issue as it develops.