High school to start new science honors program


by Nah Lee


A new science honors program will be accepting applicants this year.

The Science National Honors Society will start this year. Heather McDermott, Environmental Science teacher, is responsible for introducing the program.

“We’re starting a new chapter of Science National Honor Society,” McDermott said. “It’s really similar to National Honor Society but it’s specifically here for science.”

Students who are interested in science are all welcomed to apply to this program. Its application is available on the school website and due Oct. 31. Criteria for entrance into this program are a 3.75 overall GPA, 3.75 science GPA, and at least one of the advanced science classes.

“The purpose of the program is to highlight scholars in science. Science is a really neat thing and unique opportunity, and a lot of people who will be in the program excel in it   so we are hoping to share that with a.lot of people,” McDermott said.

This would be a good opportunity for students who are interested in science.

After students are accepted into this program, they have to complete community service hours. For example, students in this program can teach science to elementary school students and help them to find their interests.

There are also some other benefits to this program. Students will be able to put this on their college resumes, and they will be able to network with other people throughout the country.

McDermott urges students to apply and that the criteria is available right online.

“We will love to have you in the program. It’s gonna be a really neat thing that we’re gonna offer,” McDermott said.