Insects in the school


Photo Credit: Luke Elstad

by Lillie Daschil, Staff Writer

Recently, in the girl’s bathroom next to the cafeteria an ant was found on the toilet seat. This is extremely disgusting and poses the question of how clean the school really is.

I have found ants all over the school, along with many other students. Whether it is in the bathroom, in my locker, on desks, or in little crevices in classrooms, ants seem to be very prevalent in Glen Rock High school.

For me, ants signify uncleanliness. It makes me wonder how well the school is cleaned and how they are attempting to maintain the ant problem.

Jenny Destefano and I had noticed ants around our lockers the week before spring break. There was no food inside of our lockers. The next week when we got back from break, ants were crawling all over her books in her locker.

DeStefano and I went to the office to try and find someone to help us clean out the locker, and they were less than eager to help. This leads me to question if the school really cares about the ant infestation.

I know that there is no way I have seen every ant that has been in the school, so there is obviously more ants than even I know of. How many ants are there really, where we can’t see them?

Also, I have seen an abundance of other insects other than ants. I have seen multiple centipedes which in my opinion is one of the most disgusting insect. Although there are other insects, ants seem to be the most that I have noticed.

Ants make me feel uncomfortable and disgusted and they should not be inside of our school. The school should deal with this issue and exterminate the insects inside of the school.