Glenstock to rock socks off


Photo Credit: Olivia Traphagen

The first photo is what the court yard looks like now, and the second photo is what the court yard will look like on June 7.

by Olivia Traphagen, Senior staff writer

Glenstock is back and better than ever. On June 7 the whole student body is in for a treat — a night full of music, games, and other fun activities in the courtyard from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Katherine Bennin, a history teacher for the high school, and Sonia Bawa, a science teacher for the high school are the student council advisors. They have been running Glenstock for three years, and Glenstock has been a desired event at Glen Rock High School for well-over 10 years.

“Glenstock is essentially a way to showcase student talent, particularly musical talent – it could be a band, it could be a solo act, duo, trio, whatever it is. It is sort of the outdoor Glen Rock concert experience,” said Bennin.

All of the bands comprise of students, and sometimes students and teachers will come out and perform together. Sometimes there is a full teacher band that will come out and play a song or two. Bennin and Bawa hire a staging crew to set up the sound system, amp, and stage for the performers, to make the event more exciting and surreal for the students performing.

Julia Rooney is a senior and the student council treasurer. She has worked Glenstock as a student government officer since freshman year. For her, it is all about having school spirit and putting the “fun” into fundraising. Her class is responsible to design the t-shirts for Glenstock and to sell them as a fundraiser at the event.

“As student council we are in charge of overseeing the whole event. This year we’ve come up with some new activities to engross the whole town into coming out,” said Rooney.

In order to be in any of the acts, being on the student council is not necessary. Any students from any grade can participate. It is a fantastic and social event that has outlived many of the teachers here at Glen Rock.

“My favorite part about Glenstock is just getting to see the students in a different avenue of their life. I see them in the classroom, which is a very professional sort of setting, but when i get to see them outside of school and doing things like playing music or singing, it gives me more of a perspective on them,” said Bawa.

The tickets are selling for $8.00, a perfect amount to raise money for future proms, dances, and other school luxuries. The juniors cook and sell the hamburgers and hot dogs, the sophomores sell the beverages, and the freshman sell the baked goods. This way, each class gets the opportunity to make money for their class.

“Each of the classes raise money towards whatever they need eventually like proms, senior week, and all the things that money is needed for. It takes a lot of time to raise all that money,” said Bennin.

Bennin and Bawa coordinate the structure and make sure there are plenty of fun activities. This year, Glenstock will have kan jam, corn hole, and other summer games to bring to the table. Mr. Pasciuto may even make an appearance in a dunk tank– this is still waiting on insurance approval.