Grad Ball prep reaches its conclusion


Photo Credit: David Martinez

Lisa Mulcahy (right) and a volunteer (left) pose in front of the stairs that lead up to the entrance of Grad Ball which is blocked of to the public.

by David Martinez, Staff Writer

The Grad Ball committee chose the theme last year and has been preparing ever since.The parents of seniors have been volunteering to come to the school and work in the gym. They even work all day on weekends. Parents bring breakfast lunch and dinner to the school so they can work in the gym as efficiently as possible.

Lisa Mulcahy, one of the chairs for Grad Ball, has assured that lots of work has been put into making this year’s theme, though this work doesn’t come without difficulties.

“We’re putting out fires now,” Mulcahy said. The school supposedly put in fire beams that obstructed the original plan for construction.

“We were not engineers, so what you think is gonna work doesn’t end up working” Mulcahy said. “Every class has their glitch.”

Working with so many people in one room for such a long time takes a toll on them too. Things get heated and arguments break out, but they always get resolved. Mulcahy said she called a dance break after emotions rose high and voices rose even higher. She believes it will all come out well in the end though.

The theme was chosen according to the characteristics of the students in the senior class.

“It’s a theme that is specific to this class these groups of kids and who they are,’” Mulcahy said, “We tried to go with what they relate to.”

The Chairs of Grad Ball started off with 35 themes and narrowed it down to one.