Supplies sought for Paterson schools


by Olivia Lorenzo, Senior Staff Writer

Donation boxes have been placed in different locations around every hallway for the annual locker cleanout.

The boxes are there so students can donate gently used or brand new school supplies from the past school year.

Ms. Debra Brolsma, along with the Rosengren family, is one of the people who has helped make this drive happen.

“The lightly used supplies go to Paterson schools,” Brolsma said.

Only a few minutes away from Glen Rock, Paterson schools are less fortunate and a lot of students cannot afford supplies.

Students can donate binders, pens, folders, paper, crayons, and notebooks.

The supplies are collected at the end of the school year once students are done cleaning out their lockers. The boxes are taken and the supplies get packaged into backpacks for the Paterson students.

“I am going to donate my binders and extra pencils at the end of the year,” said Kaylie Ernst, a sophomore.

“I will probably donate anything I don’t plan to use next year,” Kevin Pinzoni, junior, said.