Robotics team hosts First Lego League Junior and presents robotics to 8th grade students

Robotics team hosts FLL JR

Robotics team hosts FLL JR

by Jason Messenbrink, Staff Writer

Robotics students introduced engineering and robotics to elementary school students and eighth grade engineering classes in May. 

The first event was the First Lego League, Jr. which was hosted by the high school’s robotics team. It took place in the high school gym on Saturday morning, May 14.

Elana Resnick, a high school physics teacher, was at the events. 

“One groups design had actually a color code sensor, so everything green they picked up off of a conveyor belt using Lego mechanisms, which was very neat,” Resnick said. “Another group had a vehicle that automatically took the recycle stuff to the recycle center, and then they programmed the maneuverability of their little vehicle.”

The 8th grade engineering classes S.T.E.E.M day is an event put together by the middle school in which various engineers and entrepreneurs visit Mr. Dan Blatt’s engineering classes. Some of the high school robotics students also volunteered to demonstrate the robot that they used at the FLL Jr. event.

This took place Thursday, May 19 in room S-121.

Laurent Shiels is head of the mechanical team for robotics.

Who knows, maybe we sparked an interest in technology for the future Bill Gates,”Shiels said.