Second homework free night eases midterm tension


Photo Credit: Julia Blando

by Julia Blando, Senior Staff Writer

The second homework free night was held on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

Teachers are not allowed to assign homework to their students on homework free nights, which happen once a marking period. The extra time that students would be spending on homework is meant to be used to refocus their time to spend with family and friends.

Homework free nights were created three years ago.

“We started looking at some of the pressures that were on our students. We’ve looked for ways that we can kind of find a balance, still maintaining the academic rigor. But, at the same point, finding ways that we can kind of reduce some of the pressures, anxieties on our students,” John Arlotta, Glen Rock High School principal, said.

The school also tried to lower the stress levels of the students by implementing the rotating drop schedule in the fall of 2014. The schedule allows students to have six instead of eight classes everyday.

The designated homework free nights are scheduled in the summer, and usually happen on a day towards the end of each marking period.

“Sometimes, you’re running around from this event to this event, and it maybe is just meant for everybody to take a breath and spend some time,” Arlotta said.