‘I’m a Sav’ by foodgang

by Julia Blando, Senior Staff Writer

Michael DeAngelis (’19), the main performing artist in the local music group foodgang, has released a semi-original song, ‘I’m A Sav,’ on SoundCloud.

DeAngelis did not write the lyrics he rapped himself, but instead has anonymous “ghost writers” that work together to come up with the best product possible

It’s a revelation. ”

— Alex Long ('18)

“The beat was nice. The words were bad,” Nina Amatulli, sophomore, said.

Despite her praise for the beat, it was recycled  from the instrumental of ‘500 Homicides’ by Lil Durk.

DeAngelis’ idea to write a song was spontaneous. “I had no inspiration. I thought, one day, wouldn’t it be awesome if I made a rap song. So I decided to make a very hip rap song,” DeAngelis said.

Despite the popularity of the song, students are torn as to the musical quality of the track.

“It is bad. The lyrics he said don’t make any sense,” Sabina Sose (’18) said.

However, some argue that the song has an abstract meaning behind the lyrics, and the message is up for interpretation.

“It is a amazing musical that expresses his true feelings about school. A full musical with an intermission too,” Kevin Pinsoni,

'I'm a Sav' single cover.
Photo Credit: foodgang
‘I’m a Sav’ single cover.

junior said.

“I actually think it was pretty good; I couldn’t hear him at all. I literally couldn’t hear him. The music, like the track, was really tight. I could not hear what he was saying whatsoever,” Shelby Sgarella, sophomore, said.

Foodgang’s single was something done separately from the school setting, but it is still labeled as ‘not school appropriate’.

“It had a couple of bad words. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It was something you’d expect to come from Michael DeAngelis,” Samara Rosen said.

Jackie Kinsella, sophomore, agreed: “I don’t really think that they’re [the lyrics] very school appropriate.”

“I thought he did a pretty decent job for not preparing,” Erin Callahan, junior, said.

“I like it. I think it’s a little bit rude how he talks about women… I think it’s cool that someone so young in our school is trying to become an artist at this age. It has like 1700 views on Soundcloud, which is really good. I’m happy for him because he’s my friend. But I think he should have kind of made it a little bit more appropriate for girls,” Michael Quinn (’18) said.