Black Friday shops, a tradition to drop


Photo Credit: Caroline Griffin

Black Friday shoppers spending money on gifts for the holidays.

by Caroline Griffin, Staff Writer

One could say that having Black Friday is arguably a great way to start the Christmas season. Others argue the opposite that it takes away from Thanksgiving and jumps right into December holiday cheer. Should this day continue, or should it be a date to change in the future because of the quick transition into another holiday, along with other concerning issues?

Black Friday shouldn’t happen, this business day shouldn’t be occurring for many reasons as the following. Is Black Friday really a drop in prices? Black Friday deals are deceptive advertising to the customers. Stores have shown to raise prices throughout the first two weeks or between then, before black Friday. So, that when the business day comes around the prices drop to 50 percent. But in reality if the prices were never raised there would be really 15 percent or 20 percent depending on the store, deals offered, and on the sale given to the customer. In 2013 sales for a Fitbit, there was a 0.7% of sales and as Black Friday came along with less sale it got up to as high as a 0.14% sale increase. In that sense it can easily lead of overspending on gifts for the holidays.

That being two problems under the radar, but some that are in plain sight would be the lack of family time given to the workers. Black Friday plain and simply is a business day taking away from the Thanksgiving holiday and jumping right into shopping for the Christmas and Hanukah season.

If this problem does not come to a consensus people won’t be able to spend time with their families, and if this problem is taken to heart as an extreme, this could lead to bigger issues of strike, and boycotting. An easy solution to this issue would simply be to change Black Friday to a later date in the holiday season. Thanksgiving shouldn’t overlap with the start of Christmas and Hanukah. We can fix this issue without getting rid of the business day completely.