Sing your heart out at Glenstock

by Githmie Goonatilleke, Staff Writer

One of Glen Rock High School’s favorite traditions, Glenstock, will take place on June 2nd.

The flyer for Glenstock is located in the senior hallway where students can find more information on the event.

Student council raises money throughout the year from different events, but “this is one of the events where we don’t necessarily make money but we’re doing it for the class advisors too,” Bawa said.

However, the student council will still benefit from the ticket sales. Students can either buy their tickets before the actual even for $7 or buy a ticket at the door for $10.

Bawa’s role in this year’s Glenstock is to facilitate and overlook the entire event. Bawa and the other advisors coordinate the event and make sure the performers are prepared. The advisors also have to set up details including the tables, where the audience will be sitting.

The school hired a professional sound company. so that the entire event feels like an actual concert.

“The people setting up the sound system coordinate that and pay for that,” Bawa said.

The advisors need to advertise Glenstock, so people will go to the event and make sure that everything will be appropriate at the event.

“We also have to make sure that everybody knows when to go, when to sing, when to come on, what they’re playing and all that stuff,” Bawa said.

To participate in Glenstock in past years, students only had to sign up on a sheet. This year, students have to pre-record any and all songs they want to perform with all their lyrics. Then, the advisors of student council evaluate the songs to make sure everything is appropriate. All the pre-recorded songs are due on May 18 in the Hamilton Lobby.

If students do not need to necessarily create new and original music, covers are allowed too.

“It doesn’t necessarily need to be unique, and it doesn’t have to be their own,” Bawa said. “I think they can do covers but we just need to know what they are.”

The student council set up the concert, so freshman performers will be the first to perform and seniors will perform last.

All grade levels contribute to Glenstock. For the event, freshmen will run a bake sale, sophomores will bring drinks, juniors will run the grill and seniors will sell t-shirts.

Ms. Bawa feels that Glenstock is “a nice, community building event,” and that, “people should come to show support and school spirit.”