Musician Profile: Dylan Kennedy


Photo Credit: Zach McCollum

Dylan Kennedy is a student-musician at Glen Rock High School

by Zach McCollum, Staff Writer

The Glen Echo sat down with Glen Rock High School’s very own Dylan Kennedy, bassist of Glen Rock punk rock band CRUD.

The Glen Echo: What’s up Dylan?

Dylan Kennedy: Not much.

GE: What instruments do you play?

DK: I play guitar, bass, and drums.

GE: What inspired you to play those instruments?

DK: I don’t really remember. I don’t know.

GE: That’s okay. You’ll get them next time.

GE: Who are some of your biggest influences as a musician?

DK: I like Ty Segall a lot and I like Syd Barrett a lot.

GE: Which bands do you play in?

DK: I play in a band called CRUD.

GE: How did you become a member of CRUD?

DK: They needed someone to play bass because they started out with just drums and guitar and that was not enough.

GE: How would you describe CRUD’s musical style?

DK: Loud.

GE: Yes, but what genre do you consider them?

DK: Garage punk. It’s not really metal, but it’s like hardcore punk I guess.

GE: Who are some of CRUD’s biggest influences?

DK: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, other classic punk bands, and newer punk bands.

GE: Are there any shows coming up?

DK: We were going to have a show over winter break, but my good friend and guitarist Jared had a little surgery on his stomach, so we had to toss that one. Sorry about that. But we’re going do more stuff this year. We have big plans this year!

GE: Are there any local New Jersey bands you would recommend to the readers of The Glen Echo?

DK: Well I would recommend a New York band that is really blowing up right now called Vomit Fist. They’re really good friends of ours and definitely a great local band to check out.

GE: Are there any other music projects that you are working on right now?

DK: Yeah, I’m doing this side project called Tummy Ache that I’ve written a bunch of songs for. I just have to record them. It’s in the process of becoming a thing.

GE: Cool, I’m excited!

GE: Do you miss your brother Sean?

DK: I miss my big brother with all my heart! I think about him everyday: when I brush my teeth in the morning to when I get in bed at night.

GE: Are there any non-local artists or albums you would like to recommend to The Glen Echo?

DK: Together Pangaea is one of my favorites. Ty Segall’s album Slaughterhouse is good. There are really a lot of great new bands to check out.

GE: Is CRUD planning on trying to get on any record labels? Are you trying to make this your career or really just doing it for fun?

DK: We’re doing it mainly for fun, but we do have a tape that we are going to put out through Weiner Records, which is a little brother label to Burger Records out in California. It’s really cool to have people hearing our music out in California and here in Glen Rock.

GE: This is a question The Glen Echo asks all the boys: Which clothes do you feel fit best on your body when playing shows?

DK: I have this really, really big Simpsons shirt. It’s a night shirt from the 90s that goes all the way down to my knees. It’s probably my favorite thing to wear while playing because it gets sweaty when you’re moving around a lot. I get very overheated, so it’s good to have something big and loose on your body.

GE: Is there else anything you would like to add?

DK: I’m going to take it back to the question you asked about non-local musicians. I want to recommend Danny Brown, Bass Drum of Death, and Fuzz as well.

GE: Well thanks a lot Dylan, for this interview!

DK: Hey, no problem.