Technology meets lunch in the new GoCashless system


Photo Credit: Olivia Lorenzo

A freshman, Julia Blando, purchases chips.

by Olivia Lorenzo, Staff Writer

The typical opening and closing clang of a cash register is not as common at Glen Rock High School, now that students have started to use a new payment system called Go Cashless

This system was introduced to promote electronic payment rather than using cash and is supported by Pomptonian Food Service.

This new lunch system was enacted to prepare students for when they graduate from Glen Rock High School.

“We are trying to do a lot of things to get students prepared for the next realm, which is the way college is,” Principal John Arlotta said. The cashless system is just one in a series of tweaks aimed at readying.

Common issues scattered around unch lines were students forgetting money, losing money, and wondering where their cash went. With the new system becoming more popular, however, these issues are decreasing.

Sabina Sose, a freshman, was pleased that she didn’t have to “look for” her “cash anymore.”

Andres Perez, also a freshman, said, “If people pay in advance, then obviously you won’t lose your money unless somebody takes it.”

Another goal by placing this system was to make lunch lines shorter and quicker. Overall, the school has seen shorter and quicker lines throughout the different locations to purchase food.

“I think it’s been running pretty smooth,” Arlotta said. “I haven’t seen big, huge lines out there as it is but I think it’s certainly contributing.”

From the student perspective, the digital payments are just another behind-the-scenes system that have streamlined school processes.

“Some good things about it are that you don’t have to go looking for your money and that its right there available to you,” Sose said.

Christina Jorge, freshman, echoed Sose’s comments, saying that it was “quick and easy.”

Yet Arlotta sees the system as something bigger — a change that represents an ideology rather than just a payment method.

“Sometimes schools are artificial, so we are really trying lots of ways to really try to make the school the way your used to the rest of the world, for example our changes in our technology where you are able to use smartphone,” Arlotta said.

The school embraces technology each and every day to prepare students for the future, such as a college or job that will use an electronic system over the cash method.

The GoCashless lunch program, like the newly instated BYOD initiative, is a move to embrace technology.

“I think it’s a step to really try and make a smooth transition between school and the rest of what students experience,” Arlotta said.

Not only does adding more and more efficiency and technology prepare students for the world ahead, but it also makes school more enjoyable.

“I think it’s a good first step, I would ideally like to see majority of students use it,” Arlotta said. Although students are using the system, a number have stuck to using cash.

“I like it,” said Ernst. “I think it will be helpful because you won’t have to keep looking for money, you’ll just have it done already.”

The interesting thing about this system is that parents have more control over their children’s lunch. They are able to deposit money electronically so, when the student goes to pay, the money is already set in their student ID account.  Parents can also keep track of how much money is spent on the account.

“We are trying to mimic the way the world is right now, and certainly the way college is, and really look at the possibilities,” Arlotta said.