Back at it

With courses finally open, the Glen Rock High School Golf Team is preparing to make a deep playoff run.


Photo Credit: Andrew Nappi

The greens at Paramus are ready for the Glen Rock High School golf team.

by Andrew Nappi, Staff Writer

The Glen Rock High School golf team hit the courses for the first time on March 27th. With all the snow that accumulated this winter, the courses have opened later than planned and teams are cramming in practice time.

“We have gone out three times this year. Surprisingly, the courses [Paramus] are in superb shape.  I am looking forward to the courses being in top shape,” John Crawford, senior captain, said.

But Paramus still has some work to get into top shape. Most of the greens still have brown spots on them due to the snow. “It is like playing the British Open,” Crawford said when asked about putting on the greens.

Glen Rock has its first match of the year on April 2, 2014 at neighboring course Orchard Hills.

“The two courses are very similar. It is important when you play courses like Paramus and Orchard Hills [to] just put the ball in the fairway. You do not need to hit a driver at all when you play these courses. You can hit an iron off the tee and still put up a good score.”

The Golf team has three returning varsity players in seniors Clayton Colquitt (’14), John Crawford (’14), and Andrew Nappi (’15). Thomas LaMacchia is expected to contribute to Glen Rock’s success as the fourth man on the team.

Glen Rock is pre-season ranked 15th by the Bergen Record and is also favored to win its division.

“It adds a lot of pressure knowing that you are expected to win,” Crawford said. “We are an experienced team, and we can live up to those expectations.”