Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems — No money? Then you just need a job

Mo Money, Mo Problems -- No money? Then you just need a job

Money is much easier to come by than most students think.

An issue that is always plaguing students from elementary school to college is an obvious lack of money. Whether it’s buying that new toy in elementary school or going on a fun road trip with your college friends, students never seem to have enough.

Some students live week-to-week on an allowance from their parents and others have a job that they go to after school or on the weekends.

A common way people make money is doing jobs for their neighbors. Some students rake their neighbor’s leaves or mow their lawns. Dan Frissora, a junior at Glen Rock High School, tutors his younger neighbor.

“Yeah, I really enjoy tutoring my neighbor. He is a really smart kid, even though he is only seven. He is a great kid and I enjoy hanging out with him. I enjoy it even more knowing that I get paid at the end of it,” says Dan with a chuckle.

If you ever have time or you have an elderly neighbor around you, go over to their house and ask if they would like you to do anything. They could very easily need someone to shovel their driveway when it snows or rake their lawn in the the fall. They also are usually very grateful and sometimes overpay you.

Another way kids can make money is to do work for their parents. Parents usually understand that their kids have problems with money if they don’t have enough time to get a job. Parents sometimes tell their kids that if they do chores around the house, they could get a weekly allowance.

“Yeah, I do chores around the house for my parents. If I do them all, my parents will give me an allowance for that week. It provides me with a nice cushion of money,” says Richard Gueren (’15). Parents will usually underpay you for your work because they are, after all, your parents, but some money is better than none.

Other students have jobs for stores or companies. They usually work after school and on the weekends so they have money for day-to-day expenses.

“I work at the Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy. I basically just vacuum and condense boxes. Yeah it pays pretty well, but I really like the hours,” says junior Tim Mountain.

Having a job somewhere is great because it also looks very good on a college resume.