GRHS hosts German exchange students


Glen Rock High School recently received a new group of exchange students, this time from Germany.

The students, who attend the Anne Frank Gesamtschule (Comprehensive School) in Moers, Germany, arrived last Monday, the 28th of October. The students have been boarding with several Glen Rock High School students who are members of the Cultural Exchange Club.

The 18 exchange students, who are in 11th and 12th grade, have been having a good time during their experience visiting America. When asked if he would come back, Jonas, an 11th grade exchange student, said, “Yes. It is so good here!”

The German exchange students have been very busy since they arrived. So far, they have visited New York City (specifically Manhattan, China Town, and Brooklyn), and Philadelphia.

Some sights which the students saw in these places were the Liberty Bell, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty.

When asked about the differences between the food in Germany and the food in the US, one exchange student, Joelina, who is in 11thgrade, had this to say: “I like it, but sometimes it’s too much for me, and also it’s very difficult to find anything vegetarian. I am a vegetarian.” She added: “Here [there] is much more fast food than in Germany, and our food is a little bit more spicy.”

Despite Germany having many cultural differences than the US, however, German students do a lot of the same things in our free time that we in Glen Rock do. “[I like to play] soccer, [go] shopping, [play] PS3, [and I like] eating,” said Jonas.